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Green spaces deserve dog agility

We  are a proud designer-supplier and installer of all things outdoors from playgrounds to outdoor gyms and MUGAs to street workout units and our new PermOpave porous pathways have been a great hit linking these recreational facilities together but - more often than not - in between all these great pieces of apparatus lie green fields and parks, full of dog walkers!  

Often overlooked, and uncatered for, these large numbers of dog walkers would benefit from some fun keep fit exercises for both dogs and owners such as a dog agility course.

Dog agility is in high demand

Public interest and participation in dog agility trials is very high and appeals to a wide parishioner demographic.  And it exercises both dogs and owners! And we can provide a unique range of heavy duty play grade dog agility equipment!

So why have dog agility?

Dog agility is canine competition open to all dogs. It involves guiding them over various obstacles in order to evaluate and improve their intelligence and agility.

Reap the rewards for a more harmonious life with your canine friend

It is an educational and sporting activity that improves the dog's integration into society.
The discipline demands a harmonious relationship between the dog and handler, which results in the perfect team relationship.

The course consists of the widest possible range of obstacles, and their placement on the terrain determines the degree of difficulty and speed.

So, when designing a great outdoor Dog Agility Course which pieces of apparatus make a great obstacle course? And how many?

A show standard agility course is set out in a large ring usually with a combination of around fifteen obstacles where certain equipment heights vary depending on the dogs’ size, small, medium and large (S, M, and L).

Recreational dog agility courses vary in size and number obviously dependent on space and budget!

(Please note, our dog agility courses, ranging from the purely recreational, right up to the show standard courses, are manufactured in accordance with the regulations of the International Canine Federation (Fédération Cynologique Internationale). Suitable for categories S, M and L, according to the various components.)

All our equipment is designed and manufactured for outdoor installation in public parks, and made with high quality materials such as galvanized steel or high density polyethylene.

Below are some example pieces of equipment that we have on offer.

Hurdle. Suitable for S, M and L categories - with the possibility to install two consecutive hurdles to create the obstacle "Spread Hurdles”

Spread hurdles.  Suitable for M and L categories.

Wall. Suitable for S and M categories.

Large Wall. Suitable for L category.

Tyre. Suitable for S, M and L categories.

Long jump. Suitable for S, M and L categories.

See-saw. Suitable for S, M and L categories.

A-Frame. Two ramps A-shaped suitable for S, M and L categories.

Dog walk. Suitable for S, M and L categories.

Tube tunnel. Suitable for S, M and L categories.

Slalom. Suitable for S, M and L categories.

Table. Suitable for S and M categories.

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In need of commercial grade dog agility equipment? For parks and public open spaces? Wales and South West England? We provide highly durable equipment designed and engineered to withstand public use. Contact us on 01278 741110 to discuss your requirements.

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