Outdoor Park Benches

When designing an outdoor park or playgrounds it's important to consider the seating options for visitors to your area, our top range of benches offer lots of options to compliment your designs.

Bench Aire

£ 438.00 GBP
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This modern bench is made using galvanised steel, making it one of the most durable park benches on the market.

Bench Sevilla

£ 375.00 GBP
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With a classic and elaborate design, this bench will add a touch of class to your outside space.

Bench Troke

£ 430.00 GBP
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Steel bench with perforated holes, a really practical outdoor seating solution with a design that works in urban or natural areas.

Citizen Eco Bench

£ 495.00 GBP
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Bench made of recycled polymer which is also recyclable. This material does not chip, crack, rot or dry up. Highly resistant to moisture and bad weather conditions.

Dado Bench

£ 861.00 GBP
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Combine this long block bench with our Dado chairs to create a design feature from your outdoor furnishing.

Dado Chair

£ 294.00 GBP
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This single block seat is made from pre-cast granite concrete, it will last for years and nearly impossible to vandalise.

Modus Bench

£ 309.00 GBP
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This modern, urban bench is a great for creating outdoor seating areas, the modular design can be combined to increase the capacity of seating.

Most Bench

£ 1,580.00 GBP
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The primary material used to create this bench is galvanised steel, coupled with 3 wide wooden planks.

Norah Bench

£ 370.00 GBP
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A really practical bench that can be installed against a wall to give additional back support.

Picnic Table Eco

£ 895.00 GBP
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Picnic table made of recycled polymer which is also recyclable. This material does not chip, crack, rot or dry up. Highly resistant to moisture and bad weather conditions.

Porto Bench

£ 650.00 GBP
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This reinforced prefabricated concrete bench looks modern and is super durable in any outside play, park or commercial space.

Porto R Bench

£ 999.00 GBP
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Made from reinforced prefabricated concrete this outdoor bench with backrest is an ideal addition to your sport or play design and installation project.

Troke Backless

£ 395.00 GBP
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A great backless park bench for urban areas, this simple durable design will offer years of service.

Troke D Bench

£ 999.00 GBP
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This double bench is a great solution for your outdoor seating area, with it's complete design you can maximise seating areas.

Turia Bench

£ 352.00 GBP
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We offer a selection of concrete cast park benches and Turia is one of them. With a modern feel, it offers maximum durability.

Outdoor Public Benches

Our range of durable outdoor park benches have been selected to offer the best in design and quality of materials. When designing your park, play or sports facility space we also consider areas for socialising and relaxing to accommodate a vast scope of people who will visit the environment. From picnic benches offering a place for families to eat, to single chairs that offer a rest point, we've got it all. Here's some of the types of benches we offer:

Double benches | Single chair benches | Backless benches | Picnic benches | Concrete blocks for seating | Metal benches

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