Equipment for Cyclists

Everything your site needs to accommodate cyclists

Ark Bike Rack

£ 136.00 GBP
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This vibrant bike rack offers a more interesting design to the standard expectations.

Bike Deliminator Band

£ 94.00 GBP
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Use these bike deliminator bands to restrict and outline areas for cycling. They're reflective, non-slip and absorb deformation.

Cleta Bike Rack

£ 144.00 GBP
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This low level, steel bike rack offers security for 6 bikes. Great for school bike areas.

Doble Bike Rack

£ 230.00 GBP
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This alternative back rack allows for 2 bikes to be secured by the wheel, frame and seat.

Gota Cycle Lane Separator

£ 40.00 GBP
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A cycle lane separator to add safety to cyclists, made from 100% recycled PVC with reflective paint for visibility in all conditions.

Maia Bollard

£ 88.00 GBP
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This bollard is great for use in cycling areas to offer additional protection. It absorbs any impact from vehicles and is totally flexible. Also available as a mobile option, when ordering please use code UH32M.

Scooter Rack Patin

£ 298.00 GBP
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This rack has been designed specifically for scooters and can hold 5 at a time.

Skateboard Rack Mono

£ 480.00 GBP
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This rack has been designed specifically for skateboards and can hold 5 at a time.

Totem Repair Workshop Biki

£ 1,600.00 GBP
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Enhance the experience for cyclist visiting your outdoor space with these compact and highly useful workstation for bike repairs on the go.

U Bike Rack

£ 58.00 GBP
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Extremely durable galvanised steel bike rack that can be used in multiples to create an area for locking up bikes in your outdoor space.

Should you include cycling equipment in your project?

Creating a space that encourages cyclists to visit can help to attract more users to your site. However, if pedestrians and cyclists will use your area, you need to accommodate both types of users. Using our range, you can create designated cycling lanes and provide racking equipment to ensure your visitor's equipment can be stored safely. Get in touch if you'd like advice on creating cycle-friendly areas.

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