Dog Agility Courses For Parks And Open Spaces

looking for a fun outdoor activity for your dog owners and canine pets then look no further and have your park transformed into a dog agility course.


£ 660.00 GBP
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This exciting dog course agility piece is sure to add fun. Training your dog to balance on the plank is sure to amuse you and your furry friend.


£ 460.00 GBP
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These exciting dog course agility pieces are sure to add fun. Training your dog to jump through , over and around the course will keep you and your best friend fit and happy.


£ 400.00 GBP
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This exciting dog course agility piece is sure to add fun. Training your dog to jump the wall will give both users a sense of trust.


£ 685.00 GBP
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Training your dog to walk up and down this walking platform will engage you and your friend and improve balance and co-ordination of your pal.


£ 654.00 GBP
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Training your dog to stand atop the platform and await further commands builds trust between you and your friend.

Poop Can Bin

£ 358.00 GBP
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Bag dispenser system made of galvanized oven painted steel. Galvanized steel inner container for collecting bags. Automatic door closing and opening with triangular key. For bags please order using code UVM4B.


£ 870.00 GBP
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Walk your dog up the beam across and back down in a steady controlled fashion to impress onlookers.


£ 400.00 GBP
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This exciting dog course agility piece is sure to add fun. Making an entrance to your course through the open door.


£ 420.00 GBP
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Training your dog to jump through the ring will focus dog and handler alike giving the users a great sense of achievement.


£ 654.00 GBP
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The skill of your pal to independently run between the slalom posts meeting you at the end is not an easy feat to achieve.


£ 1,820.00 GBP
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Train your dog to independently walk through the tunnel and meet you on the other side building co-operation and trust.

Durable dog agility equipment for parks and open spaces

So why have dog agility in your park and open space?

Dog agility is canine competition open to all dogs. It involves guiding them over various obstacles in order to evaluate and improve their intelligence and agility.


What are the Benefits of Dog Agility?

Reap the rewards for a more harmonious life with your canine friend

It is an educational and sporting activity that improves the dog's integration into society.

The discipline demands a forming a relationship between the dog and handler, which results in the perfect team friendship.

The course consists of the widest possible range of obstacles, and their placement on the terrain determines the degree of difficulty and speed.


Which pieces of apparatus make a great obstacle course? And how many?

A show standard agility course is set out in a large ring usually with a combination of around fifteen obstacles where certain equipment heights vary depending on the dogs’ size,small, medium and large (S, M, and L).

Recreational dog agility courses vary in size and number making allowances for space and budget!


Commercial grade dog agility equipment Built to last

All our equipment is designed and manufactured for outdoor installation in public parks, and made with high quality materials such as laminated pine, galvanized steel or high density polyethylene.

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