Fitness Trails

Combine our fitness trail equipment to create a series of raised wooden paths and obstacles.

Agility Trail 1

£ 657.00 GBP
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An agility trail element for climbing, hanging and abdominal exercises.

Agility Trail 10

£ 403.00 GBP
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Double height balance bars for outdoor workouts and agility trails.

Agility Trail 11

£ 499.00 GBP
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Made from laminated pine, these natural finish workout bars will look great in any outdoor exercise space.

Agility Trail 12

£ 255.00 GBP
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A smaller piece of outdoor street workout equipment that can from part of a challenging agility trail.

Agility Trail 13

£ 367.00 GBP
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Mix up these balance posts to create a challenging exercise trail for users of your outdoor sport or play area.

Agility Trail 14

£ 908.00 GBP
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This low level fitness equipment is great for balancing and outdoor exercises.

Agility Trail 15

£ 486.00 GBP
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We have a selection of double height pull up bars and this one is finished with laminated pine for a natural look.

Agility Trail 16

£ 505.00 GBP
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An inclined high level bar starting at 3m and dropping to 2m offers an engaging piece of outdoor exercise equipment for your space.

Agility Trail 17

£ 250.00 GBP
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Double poles with a smaller surface area to challenge balance and build strength.

Agility Trail 2

£ 587.00 GBP
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This low level outdoor fitness equipment in a natural wooden finish is great for abdominal exercises.

Agility Trail 3

£ 420.00 GBP
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A set of 3 bars at varying heights to workout upper body muscles.

Agility Trail 4

£ 456.00 GBP
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Our natural range of wooden agility equipment is a great addition to your public space.

Agility Trail 5

£ 700.00 GBP
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These monkey bars are suitable for demanding users, offering an outdoor exercise experience for older children.

Agility Trail 6

£ 486.00 GBP
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Double height pull up bars for upper body strength exercises.

Agility Trail 7

£ 1,123.00 GBP
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This ladder style street workout equipment is great for a variety of exercises and stretches.

Agility Trail 8

£ 1,343.00 GBP
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A combination of pull up bars and ladders for upper body workouts and stretching.

Agility Trail 9

£ 289.00 GBP
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A balance bar that can be used for a range of outdoor fitness exercises.

Deportiva 4

£ 3,066.00 GBP
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This package of wooden made agility equipment is great for a complete fitness trail in your outdoor space.

Deportiva 5

£ 2,221.00 GBP
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An outdoor sport area package combing 4 elements from our agility trail range.

Wooded equipment designed for fitness

Fitness Trails are created from raised wooden equipment that are placed in a way that creates a path. Due to the varying heights, angles and surfaces featured within the equipment, Fitness Trails promotes physical fitness, focusing on balance, strength and agility.

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