Potted plants and shrubs that give off a natural feel

Flower Planter Bis

£ 399.00 GBP
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We love this square zinc-plated steel flower pot, combine multiple planters to create a barrier to segment spaces within a wider area.

Flower Planter Dado white

£ 280.00 GBP
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Finished in pre cast granite concrete this square planter is extremely durable and protected against vandalism.

Flower Planter Das Z

£ 396.00 GBP
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A really durable planter made from zinc-plated steel, offers a modern finish and looks great in urban settings.

Flower Planter Garda A

£ 540.00 GBP
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A very elegant but durable planter, at just over a metre high it can act as a partition to break up areas of your outdoor space.

Flower Planter Pino UJ5

£ 320.00 GBP
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A natural pinewood planter that will look great in any outdoor space. Class 4 treated for maximum durability. Measures 1800 x 600 x 450mm.

Flower Planter Pino UJ6

£ 218.00 GBP
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Measuring 1000 x 500 x 450mm this versatile wooden planter is great for added a splash of colour to outdoor spaces.

Flower Planter Pino UJ7

£ 358.00 GBP
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This square wooden planter looks great when used as a pair to frame entrances or arches in your outdoor space. Measuring 1000 x 1000 x 655mm

Flower Planter Pino UJ8

£ 192.00 GBP
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A smaller square planter, measuring 600 x 600 x 450mm. The natural finish complements the plants you choose to grow inside.

Flower Planter Pino UJ9

£ 470.00 GBP
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Our tallest wooden planter at 1m high. Treated for protection against woodworm and other insects with free standing installation.

Why are planters needed?

Sports and play areas should be designed in a way that encourages imagination amongst the users. Planters help to connect elements of the natural world with spaces and contribute towards creating beautiful environments. Creating areas where users both desire and are comfortable to express themselves in is key in creating these types of spaces, and planters help to achieve this.

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