Padel Tennis Court

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Sports court to practice Paddle Tennis. Designed for both outdoor and indoor use.

-14 frames measuring 2000x3000 mm and 4 frames measuring 2000x2000mm to hold the glass. -18 panels measuring 2000x1000mm, framed in 30x30mm tube, all with 50x50x4mm woven electro welded mesh. -12 panels measuring 2000x1000mm, framed in 30x30mm tube, all with 50x50x4mm woven electro welded mesh. -2 frames measuring 2000x3000mm for use as access doors to the court (include 2 electro welded mesh doors). -30 tube pillars measuring 80x60x3mm, with 90mm plate to provide greater stability. -Galvanized fasteners for the court between the frames and pillars, with plastic caps. To make the structure more rigid, 4 separate lighting masts are included, with a height of 6000mm, and an anchor plate that is independent of the structure. Structure with baked-on paint RAL 6005. Ratchet screwed onto the structure to fasten the net.

12 mm turf. Type of production: Line tufting Composition: 100 % Polypropylene (PP) Structure: Straight FIBRILLATED yarn Yarn weight: 6,600 Dtex +/- 15% Yarn color: Green Gauge: 3/16 Yarn weight: 885 g/m2 +/- 15% Yarn height: 12 mm +/- 5 % Number of stitches / dm: 20 dm Number of stitches / m2: 42,000 stitches/m2 Base support or backing: Polypropylene Weight: 137 g/m2 +/- 5% Coating weight: 500 g/m2 +/-20% Coating composition: Polyurethane (PU) Total weight of the manufactured turf: 1,522g/m2 +/- 20 % Maximum roll width: 4 m. Roll length: Upon request Permeability: 4,500 mm/h Rounded, sifted dry sand is provided. Grain size: 0.3-0.8 mm Amount: 18 kg/m²

10-mm tempered glass, approved by standard UNE-EN 12150-1 2001, in 14 modules measuring 3000x2000mm, 4 modules measuring 2000x2000mm, with counter punched holes to fasten them to the structure, polished edges and neoprene seals installed on the profiles and fasteners.

4 pillars measuring 6000 mm for 120x60mm tubes and their corresponding braces for the installation of 400W lamps, one for each mast (with the option to install 8 lamps).

manufactured in polypropylene; black, knotless, high-tenacity; 4 mm thread density 45 mesh. PVC tape and steel cable.

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