Springers for parks and playgrounds

Let loose your imagination whilst bouncing up, down and side to side. Keep fit on our great range of play area springers!

Adapted spring kit

£ 52.00 GBP
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Make all springers more inclusive with this adapted spring kit backrest which offers better support and safety for children with disabilities. Ideal for the pig and cow Springers.


£ 1,500.00 GBP
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Similar to a traditional seesaw this springer allows 2 children to play on it at the same time.


£ 575.00 GBP
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With two high sides and a bar all the way across, this springer will help children feel more secure and confident when using the equipment.


£ 575.00 GBP
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Springers are a great addition to play areas, they don't take up too much space and kids have so much fun bouncing on them.


£ 1,290.00 GBP
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This double springer is beautifully designed in a natural finish with a splash of blue.


£ 575.00 GBP
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Made from a mix of laminated Scandinavian pine and HDPE this play area springer will fit with most design whilst offering longevity.


£ 375.00 GBP
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This traditional springer is great for children aged between 2 and 6. Green and red it will look great in your park or playground.


£ 650.00 GBP
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One of our favourite play area springers on the market, Ovni can accommodate 4 children at a time, watch them laugh as they bounce around together.


£ 575.00 GBP
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A really durable park or playground springer, made from 19mm HDPE it's bacteria, fungi and weather resistant.


£ 375.00 GBP
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Kids love our seal springer! Watch their imaginations run wild as they interact through play.


£ 825.00 GBP
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Our submarine springer is big enough for 2 children to play together at the same time, we call it social springing!


£ 979.00 GBP
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From our Natura line this cute little springer will be a real hit with the children visiting your play area.

Playground Springers

Our range of springers are strong and tough designed for both small and tall riders. Great attention to detail has gone into the engineering of each and every design to ensure lifelong enjoyment.

Our springers come with skid proof seats and are made from UV stabilised materials ensuring colour and shape retention. Several models are available with back rests enabling the youngest to get riding. Patented and highly durable springs with stalwart ground anchors provide years of hassle free use.

Our springer range comes in various shapes and sizes for single use or for as many as 10, promoting social interaction, teamwork and imaginative play.

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