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What sports facilities can we design and install for you?

We can design and install a wide range of sports facilities, from single tennis courts to multi-use games areas (MUGA). We understand that some spaces need to be adaptive to a variety of uses, and others need to be exclusive for a single sport and adhere to Sports England standards. Every sports facility has different needs, and we work with you to bring your vision to life in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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Sports complex design & installation

A sports complex is typically a large area that is equipped with a range of sports facilities and sports pitches for a variety of sporting activities. They are housed with both indoor and outdoor constructions and can cater to everyone from Sunday league football to upcoming tennis stars. We can contribute towards the development of a sports complex by lending our expertise in design consideration and installing outdoor facilities such as sports pitches.

Sports complex design

The design for any sports complex needs careful consideration as the site is home to a range of varying sports facilities. Each individual area should be separated but connected through an overarching design. This helps to achieve the feeling of a sports complex as opposed to several standalone areas. To achieve this, we utilise the use of public walkways, outdoor facilities and the natural environment create an inclusive zone feeling. Every sports complex should make its visitors feel like they're in one area, even if they're at opposite ends of the site.

A consistent design across varying sports facilities can prove to be a challenge when you're installing a football pitch next to a tennis court, but this is where Morti Sport & Play can help. We'll meet with you and grasp what it is you're trying to achieve, the space available and how we think the project should be approached. We'll use our expertise and your vision to create a well-equipped and high functioning complex.

Inclusive sports facilities

No sporting complex is complete without the appropriate facilities. A sports complex will attract a variety of visitors from professional athletes, regular trainers, sporting fans and pedestrian footfall. To accommodate these visitors, providing sports pitches simply isn't enough. 

You'll need to consider aspects such as seating, public walkways and the flow of football between pitches. The design of a sports complex can make or break the popularity of your location, but it may not be at the forefront of what you've considered. We can help you to understand what sports facilities should be worked into the design, and what the benefits of each are.

Sports Complex with mutliple sports courts and pitches

Sports pitches

The primary attraction of complexes is without a doubt state of the art sports pitches and courts. After all, they're the main feature of any sports complex, and they're what attract players and crowds. Many sports have pitch guidelines set by their relevant governing bodies such as the size of the court, height of the nets and line markings. Understanding the requirements of sports pitches is a necessity if you're hosting professional sports or looking to attract high-level athletes. We're experienced in sports pitch design and the regulations, and we'll handle this aspect of the design for you. You just need to tell us what sports pitches you need installed, and we'll make sure it adheres to the top-level standards.

MUGA (Multi-Use Games Area)

A MUGA pitch is an area that is suitable for a variety of sporting activities. The key difference between a MUGA pitch and a traditional sports pitch is that they can be adapted to be used for almost every sport. Another key difference is the flooring material. You won't find grass being used on a MUGA pitch. They're created using a variety of soft synthetic surfaces that are durable and won’t demand much maintenance.

MUGA pitch design

MUGA pitch design can be incredibly adaptive depending on the space available and your intended usage. They can be designed as a single area that can be configured for different sports, or an extended zone that can host multiple games at the same time. An essential aspect of MUGA pitch design is the consideration of features such as fencing and flooring. A MUGA should be secure while being inclusive of features that complement the sports being offered. 

MUGA installation & construction

Before we begin on the design of your MUGA pitch, we'll conduct an on-site survey. This helps us to understand how we'll access your site and plan the installation process down to a fine tee. We operate a professional and efficient installation process. Fine detail is our expertise, and combined with the preparation that goes into the initial design process, we can arrive at your site ready to begin installation knowing exactly what's entailed. The correct preparation of the ground and drainage before installation is paramount. It ensures the longevity of a MUGA pitch, and it is something we build into every MUGA project. Always thinking of the future, we will discuss with you the provision of floodlights and how you can futureproof your installation should be need floodlights in the future. By installing the concrete pads and floodlight columns during the initial build, it will you save money in comparison to if you were to have this added at a later date.

Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) pitch with basketball and football nets

MUGA refurbishments

If your MUGA pitch is in need of refurbishment, we can upgrade, repair and replace your current solution. We have a variety of options depending on the current state of your pitch and available budget.

Our services include:

  • Power cleaning services to remove unwanted algae and moss growth.
  • The application of a binder to the existing surface post-cleaning in preparation for new paint markings.
  • Utilising anti-slip and anti fungicidal paint technology to spray line-markings that are guaranteed to last.
  • Replacement of outdated chain link fencing with a modern rebound solution.
  • Upgrade and replace floodlights.
  • Groundwork attention that focuses on the court conditions ensuring that the area is suitable for new surfacing.

Tennis court design & installation

Tennis courts make for a fantastic addition to schools, community areas or specialist sporting academies and colleges. Who you are and the type of use you're expecting for your tennis court will determine what solution is right for you. Tennis courts can be designed and installed as a single court in a confined area, or multiple courts can be placed side by side in a larger area to allow for simultaneous games. Regardless of whether you're looking for a small-scale solution or you're training the next generation of tennis stars, we can scale up our service to meet your demands.

Tennis court design

Tennis court design can come in a variety of dimensions, giving the flexibility to choose from a size that best suits your site. Tennis court markings, on the other hand, are universal and shouldn't deviate from the recommended size. When we approach a tennis court design project, we'll visit you to understand what it is you need, the site in question and the best solution moving forward. There a variety of customisation options for your tennis court such as the fencing type and surfacing. We'll be with you throughout the process to advise on what we think works best and use your feedback to agree on a design before the construction takes place.

Tennis court construction

As with all of our construction and installation projects, we prepare and propose a design that we know will allow us to complete the project within a good time. Depending on your site, alterations to the terrain or surfacing may need adapting so that it is suitable to house a tennis court. If you're concerned that your site may be difficult to convert into a high functioning sport facility, we advise that you get in touch. We often have a solution that doesn't require extensive additional work, saving you money and making your tennis court construction a reality.

Women ready to receive ball in a tennis game

Tennis Court Refurbishment 

Old tired tennis courts  that are falling into disrepair can be upgraded in a variety of differing ways depending upon your ambition and budget.

Our services include:

  • Power cleaning your court removing algae and moss.
  • Apply a binder to the existing tired macadam surface post cleaning.ready for paint spraying. 
  • Spray three courts of anti slip anti fungicidal paint with line markings. 
  • Remove and replace old chain link fencing and renew with new sports rebound fencing.
  • Upgrade floodlights.
  • Carry out groundworks to fix current court conditions ready for new surfaces .

Football pitch construction

Football pitch construction projects can vary from professional pitches suitable for athletes to a well-performing pitch for your school's sporting needs. Regardless of whether you're a football academy, professional team or an educational facility, we take the same approach to ensure that you'll come away with a long-lasting weather resilient facility.

Football pitch surfacing options

Our artificial pitches are an excellent solution for all sites. They require less maintenance than traditional grass pitches and offer a durable surface that will last well into the future. All of our pitch installations comply with the regulations set by FA and FIFA, meaning they’re officially recognised for their quality and use for football matches. We provide a range of pitch and surface types that can be suited to your project and your needs:

  • 2g sand dressed synthetic grass - short artificial grass with a turf carpet and thin layer of sand installed within the grass fibre. This allows for smooth ball gliding, durability and an excellent playing surface for a variety of sports. Available with or without a shockpad.
  • 3g sand and rubber dressed - a solution that offers longer synthetic grass than 2g options. This surfacing type features sand with the addition of rubber crumb to aid in shock absorption during game time whilst offering a more natural feel underfoot. 
  • Porous macadam - most commonly featured in MUGA football pitch installations, porous macadam is a soft tarmac surface that features anti-slip properties.
  • Play grass for schools - artificial turf that can be installed in a variety of colours. This creative surface is fantastic for innovative designs and demands low maintenance.
  • Resurfacing - if you already have a football pitch with a deteriorated surface, we can help to bring your area back to life with our resurfacing options.
  • Surface drainage - old tarmac surfaces can suffer from poor drainage. If you’re experiencing this on an existing site, we can combat this issue by drilling holes every metre and over skimming the playing surface with a porous tarmac solution.

Other considerations for football pitch installation

Football pitches need a fencing solution that keeps the ball in play with a rebound surface and enables onlookers to watch the game without an obstructed view, all the while ensuring the grounds are kept secure. These elements are customisable to your needs, and we're available to advise you throughout the design process on which may be best suited for you.

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