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Our sports & playground fencing solution

We offer a variety of commercial fencing options that are suitable for parks, sports pitches, schools and anywhere else that needs a secure perimeter. We take care of the entire process from concept, design, installation and maintenance. If you require a fencing solution, we’ll work with you and advise on the most effective type for your intended usage and facility.

Park and playground fencing solutions child next to colourful timber fencing

Where do we install fencing?

Playground fencing

Secure, durable fencing for your playground perimeter.

Park fencing

Long-lasting fencing & gate solutions for parks.

Children’s play areas

Safe fencing for young children’s play areas.

Holiday parks

Hard-wearing materials, available in a range of colours & designs.


Working with architects and property developers to bring their ideas to life.

Sports facilities

Fencing solutions for all types of sports pitches and facilities.

Play fencing for playgrounds, parks and play areas

Playground fences, or fences for parks and play areas need to provide secuity, suitable for children and complement the overall school playground design.

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Steel Fencing for Parks. Play Areas and Playgrounds

Steel fencing

Steel fencing is a hard-wearing option particularly useful for playgrounds that are regularly used by school children. Steel fencing is available in multiple colour-ways and heights.

Timber Fencing for Parks. Play Areas and Playgrounds

Timber fencing

Timber is an excellent solution for play area fencing; the durable material will survive all playtime activities, it’s safe for young children and creates a secure play area perimeter. 

Gates Fencing for Parks. Play Areas and Playgrounds

Play area gates

A play area gate needs to be able to withstand constant movement, offer a secure entrance and exit to your play area as well as allow for disabled access. We offer a variety of designs and locking options to suit your requirements and match your fence or playground railings.

Sports pitch fencing

We supply a range of high quality sports pitch fencing that is suitable for most sports pitches and games areas. Choose from a variety of colours, materials and add-ons to match your requirements. If you’d like advice on the best sports pitch fencing, please contact us, and we’d be happy to help. Here are the options we offer:

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> Sports Pitch Fencing


With a comfortable tubular rail for spectators to lean on and a resilient design made from steel posts, this sports fencing is ideal for sports pitches that attract an audience. If you’re a sports club or association, you have the option to include solid panels that feature your logo or sponsors. Spectator fencing and railings are also available in a velodrome specification, adhering to the British Cycling standards. It’s easy to install, available in a variety of heights and colours.

> Sports Pitch Fencing


Rebound fencing has been specifically developed for tennis court and hockey field installation. Hockey and tennis court fencing needs to support ball rebound and absorb the shock impact from sports play, and our rebound fencing has been designed with this in mind. Made from dense double steel wire mesh and available in a variety of colours, rebound fencing is an excellent solution for ball-based sports.

> Sports Pitch Fencing

Heavy Duty Rebound

Our heavy-duty variant of rebound fencing is ideal for MUGA pitches. It benefits from a resilient design with a tighter aperture in comparison to our standard variant. Available in a range of colours with the option to stack panels on top of one another, it’s the perfect option for MUGA pitches of all sizes.

> Sports Pitch Fencing

MUGA fencing

MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) fencing needs to be secure, durable and practical for a range of sports and locations. Our MUGA fencing is created from double wire steel panels and adheres to the regulations set by British Safety Standards. A range of heights are available, making them suitable for pitches of all sizes. If you’re planning a pitch installation for a club or part of a development, our MUGA fencing is available in a range of colours to match your theme or club colours.

> Sports Pitch Fencing

Ball stop netting

Our ball stop netting is a wear-resistant solution that can be installed as a topping for our rebound and MUGA fencing. It’s a great solution for playgrounds and professional sports pitches alike; the weather-resistant mesh will stop sports equipment from escaping the perimeter and is easily installed with a variety of colours available.

> Sports Pitch Fencing

Pitch dividers

Our pitch dividers are a great way to maximise the use of new or existing facilities enabling a number of separate games to be played at once. This versatile option also allows these multiple areas to be transformed into one large area when required.

Bespoke fencing

If you have a design in mind or an idea you’d like to bring to life, we can work with your concept and advise you on a suitable fencing solution. We carry out the full service from design to installation and maintenance. 

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