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Morti’s refurbishment service

We are able to refurbish play and sports facilities to make the best use of the existing equipment which is currently already in place. We offer this facility for projects where additional equipment is purchased from us.

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What type of refurbishment do we offer?

Refurbishment for play and sports facilities can come in several forms, and the solution you need will depend on the state of your current site. We are able to produce a 2D & 3D visual design alongside a fully costed scheme. This gives you the opportunity to review our proposed design and it serves as a visual reference for your new outdoor space.

Sports, park and playground equipment repair

Not all refurbishment projects will result in the complete replacement of your existing equipment. In some cases, select pieces of equipment can be updated and repaired so that they’re safe to use. For example, if your playground failed an inspection due to unsafe equipment, we can visit your site and make the necessary repairs. Please note this service is only available when additional equipment is purchased.

Fencing and gates

Fencing and gates are a necessary feature for the security, accessibility and usability of all sports and play areas. After continual use, fences can become worn, leading to bending of the material and a change in shape. This is particularly prevalent in sites that host ball games where the fencing is under regular stress. Vandalism is also a common factor as criminals may cause damage when trying to enter the site. We can replace, repair or upgrade your fencing and gate solutions to bring it back to a safe and secure standard.

Our fencing solutions for sport and play

Resurfacing and edge repairs

Worn and tired surfaces can lead to shrinkage and cracking of the site, resulting in an uneven and potentially hazardous area. Flooring is also susceptible to fading, which results in a gradual breakdown of surface markings. Without pitch and boundary lines, users will not have any grip for their play or sports activities. It also means that pitches won’t be suitable for use due to a lack of clarity on where the in-play area starts and finishes.

We offer a range of surface repairs depending on the specific factors affecting your surface. We can prolong the life of an existing surface, or install an entirely new solution that will last you well into the future. Please get in touch if you require any sports, park or playground surface repair work.

Playground and sports facility surfacing


Flooding issues can have a detrimental impact on the usability, safety and hygiene of sports and play areas. Damaged surfaces, sandpits, bark pits and grassed areas are all prone to bacterial growth, the formation of mould and the dislodging of materials. If you’d like to learn more, check out our drainage page below.

Drainage for play areas and sports pitches

Play area cleaning

Over time, older wet pour surfaces can look tired due to the build-up of algae and detritus, hiding the vibrant surface underneath. This can result in a slippery and unsafe surface. To combat this issue, we offer a fast, cost-effective solution to revitalise your play or sports area surface.

Watch our rubber scrub service in action:

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Where we carry out refurbishment


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Inclusive Play Facilities

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Playground repair and refurbishment

Playgrounds provide an important area for school children and teachers. They’re spaces that support cognitive and physical learning, social interaction, and it offers students a chance to relax amidst their busy schedule. Playgrounds also host physical education lessons, making them a necessity to provide the school curriculum. 

Due to the amount of use a playground receives, they’re prone to wear and tear and over the years can look tired. Timber may rot, steel will succumb to the elements and rust may form. This can cause unsafe equipment for use by children. We can work with you to provide a solution that scales depending on the work that needs to be carried out. The importance of a playground to the school, children and parents is at the forefront of our approach, and we’ll work with you to create a refurbishment package that works for all parties involved.

Playground design & installation service

Park refurbishment

As parks are usually public places, they have their own unique needs for maintenance and refurbishment. Parks may be prone to vandalism and heavy usage, all of which results in the need to replace equipment. Regardless of whether your park needs a some elements of equipment refurbished or dated elements which need replacing, get in touch, and we’ll help you to achieve this.

Park design & installation service

Sports facilities

Fitness areas that have been in operation for many years may start to show signs of wear and tear. We are able to increase your offering with additional equipment whilst repairing existing equipment which may still have many years left of life. We offer refurbishment solutions in the following sports areas:

Following a site visit, we can advise you on which pieces of equipment and what areas need attention. This may be replacement fencing, surface repair, repainting, equipment refurbishment or an entirely new project. Get in touch to discuss your options moving forward.

Sports facilities design & installation service

Inclusive play

We are specialists at refurbishing inclusive play equipment and redesigning old sites to make them inclusive play friendly. We can advise you of opportunities to increase the inclusiveness of your play area through the equipment on offer and accessibility of the site. We highly recommend that everyone considers the positive effect an inclusive play area can have for its users and the local community. If you’d like to learn more, click the link below:

Inclusive play design & installation service
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Get in touch to plan your refurbishment project

We can advise you on which elements of your sports facility, park or playground needs attention. Following a site visit, we’ll work with you to plan our approach and produce a new design based on the changes. We conduct all work in an efficient and professional manner.

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