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Morti’s approach to playground design & installation

Morti Sport and Play understand the unique requirements and considerations to take into account for playground design and installation projects. We work closely with head teachers, bursers, local authorities and governing bodies, and you’ll have the opportunity to discuss anything with us when we conduct our site survey. Playgrounds are an important part of any school; they encourage group play, develop key cognitive abilities and can even be required to support the school curriculum or just for fun. Morti are specialist playground designers and a reliable installer.

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Considerations for playground design & installation

From the very beginning of our process, we ensure that every decision moving forward adheres to a set of guidelines that are essential for a high quality and well functioning playground. A playground is more than just a space for children to have fun; it needs to accommodate a wide range of activities, promote social interaction and meet the expectations of the school. These are what we incorporate into every playground design and installation project we complete:

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Children need to be able to be left to their own devices to explore the play area without the fear of injury or unsafe equipment.



Your play area design should adhere to an overarching design and be attractive for children to engage with.



Your designed area should be secure for children to play in and restrict unauthorised access. Learn more about our playground fencing solutions.



Your site and environment needs to be correctly surveyed to understand the drainage requirements in that space so that an effective system can be put in place. Nobody wants a flooded playground, especially kids.



Even details such as the materials used for the floor can make a massive difference. With the likelihood of children playing, we usually advise that a softer material is used. Learn more about our playground surfacing.



Ensuring that all equipment has enough space to function and that the designed playground has a natural flow for children moving between areas.


Physical development

Playgrounds are an opportunity for their users to develop key physical skills such as coordination, flexibility and strength. Therefore, equipment selection is important.



We take pride in designing playgrounds and spaces that won’t just look great after we install them, but for years to come.


Needs of the school

A playground may be necessary to fully provide for your school curriculum or to support a school focus, such as those found in sporting colleges or just for kids games.

With the above in mind, here’s our approach to designing and installing playgrounds.

Playground concept

Our playground designers will meet with your school leaders, governing bodies, proprietors and any other staff that will be involved. This is to ensure that any requirements you have can be considered moving forward while giving us a chance to survey the site. This is an important step as it will define what is possible as well as guiding the design concepts we produce.

A new playground is an exciting time for school children and their parents. You could consider involving them in the process, coming up with ideas and wants of their own. It can be a fun way to involve the whole school in the project and add to the communal feel a playground brings. School children will love seeing a piece of equipment that they asked for installed in the new area!

Playground design

When it comes to playground design, we’ll produce a 2D computer-aided-design (CAD) drawing. This makes it easy for you to visualise what your new play space could look like, and gives you the opportunity to change any of the equipment options.

We understand that playgrounds need to adhere to the overall theme and requirements of the school. Our designs are based on our original consultation, the requirements of related parties, and what is feasible for the site itself. If you’re not sure what you’d like included in your playground, or you’re happy for us to produce a design without guidance from you using our experience and imagination, this isn’t a problem either; we love the creative freedom.

Playground installation

The design process and selection of equipment is an enjoyable part of the process for schools; it’s the stage where things start to come to life. But, for us, the real fun begins at playground installation. Safe, efficient and professional playground installation is at the forefront of what we provide. We iron out any of the difficulties that may crop up in the initial meeting, allowing for a smooth process from start to finish. Trust us as your playground installers.

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Are you planning or considering a new playground?

For any school or organisation needing a new playground, we would be happy to advise you under no obligation as to what your options are, and what the project could look like. Whether you’re just scouting out potential equipment, or you have a tricky site, maybe with a lot of trees, or too much sun, or that you’re concerned will be expensive, we can help you understand what’s in store before any formal arrangement. It's all part of our service.

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