Clamber Stacks for Schools

Why are School Clamber Stacks so popular in School Playgrounds

Children love playing on clamber stacks as they give them an opportunity to challenge their friends whilst developing core skills such as coordination. They also help to increase fitness and strength all whilst enjoying the outside world. Children can develop their social skills and problem solving too whilst also increasing their spatial awareness. Combining a mixture of rope and Robinia Hardwood our clamber stacks are designed to create a natural and challenging play environment whilst helping to develop balance, upper and lower body strength, improve hand eye co-ordination and also help to develop social skills too.

Why Choose Morti Sport and Play for your School Clamber Stack

With over 30 years experience of designing, manufacturing and installing clamber stacks for School Playgrounds we are a great choice. We design and manufacture our clamber stacks and have our own unique range which offers huge play value and fantastic value for money. We can also create bespoke designs too so if there is something that you need get in touch with us on 01278 741110 or email us at and one of our friendly team can run through your project with you.

Our Directors have four young children who love to play. They often play on clamber stacks within their school playgrounds so are perfectly placed to let us know what they like and what we could create to offer more for the school playground. We use eco friendly materials like Robinia Hardwood for our Clamber Stacks. This material is amazing because it is designed to last up to 30 years in the ground and it requires minimal maintenance. As we are a family run business we offer great customer care and will look after your project every step of the way meaning that you can sit back and relax knowing that your new Clamber Stack is going to create fun new adventures for the children in your school.

Morti Sport and Play are both experts and leading suppliers, manufacturers and installers of Clamber Stacks for schools. We use eco friendly timber and Robinia Hardwood as well as durable steel to ensure that our Clamber Stacks are long lasting and offer amazing play value. Our school Clamber Stacks can be customised to fit your playground. We design and manufacture creating Clamber Stacks that work in a variety of sizes of school playground to ensure that children will always have the opportunity to play.

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