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Fresh Air Learning: Outdoor Classrooms for schools In today's world, where technology has taken over, schools are trying to find ways to keep kids connected with nature. As a result, outdoor classrooms have become increasingly popular. With the pandemic creating an even stronger need for outdoor learning spaces, the trend is here to stay. Not only do they provide fresh air and sunlight but also offer a change of scenery from regular indoor classrooms for students and teachers alike. In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about outdoor classrooms for schools. From durable canopies and gazebos to eco-friendly lean-tos and bike shelters, we have it all covered. We will also explore how these flexible learning spaces can be designed to cater to students of all ages and revolutionize your school's playground with outdoor learning.

Outdoor Classrooms for schools

Installing an outdoor classroom Improve a pupils' learning environment with fresh air learning in outdoor classrooms for schools. Consider design aspects such as side cladding, smoke hoods and storage. Nurseries benefit from outdoor learning spaces too. Durable options with a substantial guarantee come in different sizes with various options to suit your schools outdoor learning needs. With our large range of accompanying products we will have the right solution for you. Not just for Summer: Our outdoor classrooms come with various options so can be used for forest school in the winter and summer learning outdoors.

How to choose the right outdoor classroom

Students can immerse themselves in an engaging learning environment with outdoor classrooms for schools. With fresh air and natural light available, pupils can explore subjects like science, art and PE. These durable outdoor spaces also promote sustainability goals and forest school principles while encouraging kids to spend time outside and away from screens.

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Revolutionise Your Playground with Outdoor Learning

Transform your play area with outdoor classrooms for schools. These high-quality spaces encourage outdoor learning & support curriculums like science & environmental education. Nurseries & primary schools can benefit from durable gazebos in different sizes. With fresh air & natural light pupils will thrive outside!

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