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Morti’s maintenance approach

Our first step is to talk with you and understand your facilities and the areas that require maintenance work. We’ll visit the site in question and carry out a thorough inspection to understand the source of the issue and the best approach to take. Following our maintenance work, we’ll carry out a risk assessment and provide this to you. Once we’re happy that the equipment is safe to use, you can re-open your facility.

Young girl playing in park on well maintained play structure

What type of maintenance do we provide?

We specialise in outdoor play and sports areas and can provide every service from concept to aftercare. Over time, facilities and equipment can wear down and detract from the experience a play or sports area is offering. We can repair individual elements on their own, or provide maintenance for the entire site. These are the services we offer:


Fencing is essential for the safety of a play or sports area. They’re also needed for spectator sports, MUGA pitches, and tennis. The right fencing for the area depends on its usage. We’ll visit your area and help you understand why you may have an issue with your fencing, as well as the maintenance that is available to fix the fence. You can also upgrade your fencing if you’re looking to extend the life of your play area or customise its features such as billboards, floodlights, extended height etc.

Our fencing solutions for sport and play


Surfacing is affected by poor drainage and continual use. If the ground becomes uneven or it floods, it can become unsafe to use. Our surface maintenance consists of renewing your surface to a safe and high-quality standard to increase the longevity of your site. We offer maintenance services for wet pour, rubber mulch, acrylic coating, polymeric, macadam and permeable surfaces. If during the process we uncover that a drainage issue may be affecting your site, we will advise you on a solution to fix this.

Our surfacing solutions for sport and play


Without an effective drainage system, sites will suffer from damage if the area floods or thaws. Any play or sports area suffering from this will be unsafe to use. We can propose innovative solutions to fix any drainage issues to ensure your site can be used all year round.

Drainage for play areas and sports pitches


If you have a piece of play equipment, such as a slide, roundabout or multiplay structure we can usually conduct maintenance work onsite, meaning there is less disruption and we can repair the equipment faster. A faulty piece of equipment is unsafe to use, and you will need to conform to safety standards so that users can use the area.

Where do we carry out maintenance?

If you have a site that houses play equipment or sports pitches, we will have maintenance options for you. Below are some of the most common maintenance projects we carry out.

Playground Maintenance

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Park Maintenance Service

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Sports Pitch Maintenance

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Tennis Court Maintenance

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Artificial Football Pitches

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Playground maintenance

Playgrounds are an important part of every school. They’re a communal area that promotes physical and mental development. Playgrounds can consist of many pieces of equipment, but if one becomes unsafe to use, then the entire site may be inaccessible. If you have found an issue and your equipment is no longer functioning as intended, we will find a solution that ensures a timely and effective maintenance job.

Park maintenance

Parks are usually public areas and are prone to frequent use. Elements such as gates, pieces of equipment or the fencing can become damaged and unusable. Parks can also be prone to vandalism, so we promote that a regular check-up is put in place to ensure the equipment is being maintained.

Sports pitch maintenance

Sports clubs, schools and universities may all have sports pitches for their students. They can be an important part of what your facility offers students, and may even be necessary for classes. Sports pitch maintenance ensures that the pitches are to a high standard and increase the longevity of the facilities. Sports pitches can be prone to flooding if their drainage solution is not sufficient, and if you are experiencing this issue, please get in touch, and we’ll find a solution.

Tennis court maintenance

The maintenance of tennis courts is integral for protecting the quality and usability of the facility. There may be several elements that make up a tennis court such as fencing, surfacing, floodlights and line markings, all of which are essential for tennis training or matches to take place. We recommend regular maintenance to stay on top of this and increase the life of the area. Regardless of whether you need one part of your tennis court maintained or the entire site requires attention, we’ll help you understand the work that needs to be done to bring it back up to standard.

Artificial football pitch maintenance

Artificial football pitches can become very worn in some places, and if not appropriately drained, are particularly susceptible to flooding. The surface and quality of a football pitch are essential to ensure the ball is not affected, thus creating an unfair experience for those involved. We have many options as to what we can maintain or improve upon in your football pitch such as spectator fencing, line marking, branded billboards, drainage etc.

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