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Morti’s approach to park design & installation

Parks are public areas that in our view should attract locals, encourage social interaction across a variety of age groups,  while also considering the role of the Parish Council and local residents. We utilise the natural environment and modern equipment that is suited to a variety of skill levels to support these needs. Regardless of whether you’re looking to refurbish a run-down area, or you have a new build that needs completing, we’re the experts on bringing park design projects to fruition.

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What to consider for park design & installation

Often part of a wider area, parks are communal places that should be safe, secure and fun. To achieve this, special consideration needs to be made for the fencing, gates, flooring and the equipment that is installed. It’s great fun to have sets of swings, roundabouts and slides, but don’t forget about the parents who want nothing more than a bench to sit on. Here’s what we take into account for all park design and installation projects:

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As a public space, ensuring the safety of the public when using the equipment and even visiting the area itself is paramount. We conduct risk assessments and safety checks on all projects to ensure they’re safe to use.



Parks are often relaxed on the design requirements, providing that certain criteria in terms of equipment and space are met. As a public communal area, you may find that some designs consist of sections with equipment for different age ranges.



Parks are often open spaces, but some areas will need appropriate fencing and gating. For example, if dogs are not permitted in the park, this will be incorporated into the design, and an appropriate solution will be put forward.



Because parks are often installed on fields, we’ll need to ensure that the grounds are suitably set up to drain well should they experience heavy rainfall, thus ensuring all weather play.



As parks usually consist of a variety of play structures and equipment, various flooring may need to be incorporated into the design. Learn more about our surfacing solutions.


Natural environment

We make the best use of the natural park environment and build this into the project. We believe that the best park installations consist of a combination of new equipment and existing foliage.


Local residents

Parks are often situated near residential housing. This is considered for every park design and installation project.


Interaction between age groups

As parks are a local facility, various age groups will be using the facilities. We encourage interaction between the different ages through the equipment selection and natural flow of the layout.


Parish Council needs

We understand the parish council’s role in developing parks for local areas, and we have great experience working with them to develop sites that suit their community's needs and parishes budgets.

Here’s the Morti Sport & Play approach to park design and installation

Park concept

Our first port of call is to inspect the park site. This helps us to understand technicalities such as the ground we’ll be working on, access to the site, consideration for the local area and the surrounding wildlife. Depending on your site, particular equipment or designs may be more suited, so it’s important for us to gauge this before providing you with a design. We’ll also get to know you and any bodies that are involved in the project to understand what your requirements are, the expected usage for the site and to answer any questions you may have.

Park design

Different age groups play in different ways, and it’s important this is built into the park design. We want to ensure that parks are a safe place for parents and children of all ages, whilst ensuring the design encourages exploration, imagination and the development of personal skills.

Unfortunately, only 10% of children have the opportunity to play in natural places such as woodlands, countryside or on heathland. In comparison, 40% of adults experienced this when they were younger*. Therefore, modern play spaces that we install need to offer all of the excitement and opportunities that natural land would, in a confined area. Our park designs combine your needs with our understanding of what makes an imaginative, fun and interactive play space for children and families. *Source

Park installation

One of the biggest factors to take into account for any park installation project is the space itself. There may be uneven ground that needs levelling, natural wildlife that needs working around or relocated, and site access can sometimes prove challenging. Regardless of any of the above factors, we take the time to plan for all of this during our site visit during the concept stage. We do not shy away from tricky sites or run-down areas; in fact, we’re specialists in the regeneration of derelict areas and breathing new life into them. We call upon our expertise throughout the project to ensure you have a swift and hassle-free installation experience.

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Are you looking for a park design and installation service?

If you’re a Parish borough or county Council, community member or any other party interested in park design and installation, we’d love to hear from you. We can offer you our expertise and complete the entire service from concept to design and installation. If you’re planning a project, but you’re not yet ready to order, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have to help you guide your decision making moving forward.

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