Inclusive Wheelchair Roundabouts For All

The Fun of an Inclusive Accessible Wheelchair

Children love the thrill of an inclusive wheelchair accessible roundabout. It affords them the chance to spin which is exhilarating whilst being in a safe environment. They encourage children of all ages and abilities to play together too. Our wheelchair roundabouts also come in many different styles and sizes and materials meaning they will fit seamlessly into any existing outdoor space.

Our Wheelchair Accessible roundabouts are available in a variety of configurations to suit individual requirements. they offer physical & social-emotional experiences and developmentally encourage cooperation, empathy, negotiation and listening.


Wide Range of Spinning Possibilities

Wheelchair roundabouts are a great piece of play equipment to choose as there are so many different options available. Our wheelchair roundabouts offer play for everyone as they are inclusive in design offering play for both able bodied and wheelchair users.


The Benefits go beyond just fun .....

·       Spinning helps the development for both sides of the brain

·       It helps children to pay better attention

·       A roundabout will help to enhance vestibular stimulation. This helps the brain decide if it’s ready for morning learning and can in turn process what is being taught.


A key component

All in all spinning provokes an extreme reaction in the brain that children crave and want more of. Its essential in any playground design to build in an element of risk. Safety within a play space, playground or school play area is a key consideration. We offer a wide range of options for surfacing and it is important to note that some surfaces aren’t suitable for every piece of equipment. Within our surfacing page you will find the options we offer. If you would like to discuss these and whether they would work for your choice of wheelchair roundabout please get in touch

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