Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGA)

MUGA are a great way to encourage us all to get outdoors in all weathers to participate in a variety of sporting activities.

MUGA Installation

Multi in name and multi in nature, these outdoor facilities are areas that can quickly adapt to the sport of choice whether it’s a space for football, basketball, rugby, tennis, lacrosse, hockey, cricket or netball.

MUGAs can be installed in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. Morti Sport will have the solution for you and your budget. Many fencing options, colours and designs are available along with sport specific surfacing solutions and Ultisport surfaces that can be used by a range of sports with minimum maintenance.

Morti Sport’s groundwork team undertakes all aspects of the project from the initial site meeting, where measurements and requirements are taken, to fully designed and costed schemes.  Our groundwork team will complete all excavations ready for our surfacing,fencing and floodlight specialists to complete the project.

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