Children's Outdoor Gym Equipment for Schools

Morti are passionate about encouraging children to become active. Take a look at our range of fitness stations engineered with the youngster in mind, making fitness a way of life.

Kids fitness equipment

Physical inactivity amongst children continues to be a worry. Educating our children to eat healthily and form lifelong good habits whilst they are young is the key to success.

There are many different ways kids can keep themselves fit and healthy whether that’s through structured sport at school, recreational games in the park or hanging out with friends showing each other their moves.

Our range of kids’ fitness stations are designed to be used in supervised spaces to increase uptake in physical activity, positively encouraging a healthy lifestyle leading to better attention and cognitive function during the day and better restful R.E.M. sleep at night.

Children's fitness products

Here are some of the children's outdoor gym and fitness products we can supply. Contact us to learn more about our full range.

Air walker

The Air Walker focusses on improving flexibility and strength in the legs and hips whilst providing a cardiovascular lowerbody workout . .

Double Air Walker

Twice the fun - Great social cardio workout

Combo Superhero

Four exercises in one - Air Walk, Step, cycle and Ski train yourself to fitness

Tai Chi Wheels

This low impact exercise will develop flexibility and coordination in the arms, wrists and shoulders.

Bench and back trainer

The Bench and Back Trainer exercises muscles giving power to the body that play a major role in all functions.

Ski trainer and hips

The ski and hip trainer is a great fun way to help improve lower back and abdomen muscles whilst improving flexibility.


The Rider is a fun cardiovascular exercise which is perfect for maintaining a healthy body and figure


Twist to de-stress and improve digestive function whilst maintaining normal spinal rotation

Bicycle and stepper

The cycling and stepping movements provide an aerobics workout challenge. Your heart rate rises, your breathing becomes more rapid and you begin to sweat.

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