Ledon Explore

A New Play Equipment range called Ledon Explore!

At Morti Sport & Play we have been reviewing Ledon's Explore series catalogue and its' play equipment.

Have a look at the below video where we explore Ledon's approach to creating exciting outdoor playgrounds.

Their catalogue on this series shows a vast range of fun, provocative and stimulating apparatus which has been designed in collaboration with children and tested by them in its final stages to see if it comes up to Ledon's exacting standards.

Safety is our priority

All Ledon's, play equipment must fulfil certain criteria, apart from their no compromise policy on quality or safety (European EN 1176 standard)!  It must stimulate a child's curiosity,  encourage an investigative approach and promote a positive creative approach to all things.

Play equals child development

Play is an essential part of a child's world and it follows that a child's school or institution should provide as good a playground as is possible from its' location to its materials.  We like what we see and wouldn't hesitate to install it.

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The possibilities are endless with Ledon Explore

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