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In 2012 an enlightened Scottish Head Teacher initiated the idea of children running or jogging  at least 15 minutes a day at their own pace, to increase their well-being and encourage a love of movement.  15 minutes running or jogging covers very approximately a mile so the idea of a suitable track for schools was developed and is in place in quite a few schools across the UK already.

Installing these daily mile tracks in schools with little space or no grounds at all can be quite a challenge but with imagination and flair it can still be done. The track could be any shape and any size as the idea behind it is for the child to run for about 15 minutes so several laps of a smaller track is just as beneficial.

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There are many surfaces to choose from depending on the ground to be covered. Wetpour, with its highly coloured options, is very attractive and has to have a base if going on to grass. Rubber mulch and rubber gravel mix is environmentally friendly and bonded to provide a porous, highly durable surface which comes in various colours. These bonded surfaces can go directly onto grass. PermoPave is recommended for surfaces with questionable drainage issues. Other options include artificial grass and acrylic coatings.

The benefits to children running for at least a few minutes each day are exponential.  Running with others promotes friendship and social acceptance, promotes concentration which pays dividends in the school room, and encourages a healthier lifestyle.  Exercise may decrease appetite so running will help towards combating childhood obesity problems. Mile-a-day tracks are inclusive too, so may be enjoyed by children of all levels and abilities.

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