Playground Refurbishment

Play equipment can more often than not be repaired onsite.  It may be that you have a fully operational piece of equipment that needs tweaking and converting to bring it back in line with new safety guidelines.  We have the knowledge and resource to help.  Why not get in touch to discuss your options and arrange a site survey?

Types of refurbishment work carried out.

Morti Sport & Play have the expertise and ground-force teams to refurbish almost anything within your parks and open spaces. Have a look below for a few examples of equipment that can be refurbished.

Play and sport apparatus refurbishment

Morti specialise in working with our clients to renew sporting and play apparatus, and surfacing, with the aim of extending the usability, functionality and life of outdoor spaces. Why not let us refurbish your existing space and work with you turning your ideas into reality from concept to completion?

‍We offer 2D & 3D visuals alongside fully costed schemes giving you the visual aids necessary to bring your outdoor space up to date.

Outdoor fitness areas  

Outdoor fitness areas have now been in operation for many years and some units are showing their age. Why not get in touch so that we can help you refurbish your outdoor gym? We can repair steel coatings and refurbish surfaces. It might be that you would like Morti Sport to add an all weather surface and a few extra pieces of equipment to your current offering.

Multi use games areas

We can refurbish your existing ball court, renewing the fencing elements, and surfacing is a great way to extend and revitalise these outdoor spaces. It may be that you require new sports coatings to existing macadam or polymeric surfaces, please enquire for further details.

Surfacing & edge repairs

Over time, sports and play surfacing becomes worn and tired and can become susceptible to shrinkage, cracking and colour fading thus losing the beneficial properties required to provide users with grip for running, playing and jumping. Different surfaces can be repaired in a variety of ways depending upon the factors affecting the surface.

Over time play areas can look a little tired due to constant use over the years. Timbers rot and steel succumbs to the elements and rust appears. Surface cracks appear in rubberised safety surfaces which require attention in order to mitigate risk and vandalism occurs and spare parts need sourcing and fitting.

We offer a repair service to prolong the life of most surfaces adding many years of continued use.

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Play area cleaning

Why not freshen up your existing surface? Over time older wetpour surfaces look tired as years of built up algae and detritus hides the vibrant surface underneath. The wetpour becomes slippery, unattractive and in need of rejuvenation. Our rubber scrub service is a fast, cost effective and efficient solution. Why not give us a call for a quote on 01278 741 110?

Take a look at the results in our video  

Morti’s refurbishment service

Morti Sport & Play specialise in making the old look new again. It could be that the equipment is missing vital components needed to aid safe operation. Perhaps the equipment needs a good rubdown and repaint. Maybe your surfacing needs attention but not total renewal.

It could be that 3 out of the 5 pieces of equipment have failed inspection and you’re looking to replace old equipment and make the whole scheme work, our services to help you deliver a new scheme for a fraction of the cost!

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We would love to hear your plans and learn more about how we can help fulfil your sport and play requirements.

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