Case Study: Learning Space For The Somerset County Council

Stogumber Parish Council has approved multiple projects to help educate and encourage the community to make significant lifestyle changes that will benefit the environment and become carbon neutral by 2030.

Timber Structure Promoting Environmental Awareness

Morti Sport and Play has installed a timber field structure on behalf of the Stogumber Parish Council. The timber shelter is being used as a ‘wooden nature shelter’ on Stogumber’s Beacon Field, available for the community to use for a multitude of events, educational activities and as shelter from the elements.

Opposite the Stogumber’s Beacon Field lies the Stogumber Primary School. Pupils from Stogumber Primary School have already been using the new facility since its completion. Teacher, Josh Wedderkopp, had this to say about the new structure: 

"This is more than a shelter for the children and the village; it is a base to head for when we plan our nature walks, a gathering point for our learning, playing and community activities, and a welcoming beacon of hope to draw us all together. We use it weekly, in most weathers, and love being involved in its development at the heart of our community’s biodiversity restoration."

For more information about Somerset’s Climate Emergency work, visit their website.

Somerset Gov

This project was chosen to go alongside another project the council has initiated to boost the parish’s bio-diversity. Beacon field will see a new wildflower meadow, trees planted, new bat and bird boxes installed, and educational material about wildlife-friendly gardening and nature conservation introduced.

Chris Brammall, chairman of Stogumber Parish Council, added:

"The new shelter is the perfect place to motivate young people to become future stewards and champions of the countryside, sitting as it does beside the new plantings of nut-bearing trees against the previously planted native woodland area and surrounded by old permanent pasture which has now been augmented with meadow flowers and herbs to enrich the swards."

It’s been a pleasure to be part of Stogumber’s projects which encourages residents to play their role in helping the county reach the ambition to be carbon neutral by 2030 and set an excellent example for other communities to take on the initiative for environmental change.


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