Timber Robinia Playground Equipment

We supply and install really super natural play equipment made from Timber Robinia Hardwood.

The effects are great

Calling All Kids!!Climb up high feeling the wind in your face as you explore our climbing frame routes and feel butterflies in your tummy as you swing to new heights!

Our equipment makes this experience child’s play and very exciting, thanks to our ability to get kids up to lofty heights in a challenging but safe manner.

All our equipment conforms to EN1176 safety standards.

About timber Robinia hardwood

Also known as False Acacia / Black Locust.

Robinia Pseudoacacia is a temperate hardwood with the resistance and durability typically found only in tropical hardwoods*. A native of North America, it is now grown widely throughout Europe especially in Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. The Latin name ‘Robinia’ honours a French gardener, Jean Robin, who introduced the tree from North America in about 1600.

Here are some interesting facts….

  1. It is one of the most frequently cultivated deciduous trees in the world.
  2. It is grown in a sustainable fashion - it’s a fast growing commercial crop.
  3. Thanks to its resistance to abiotic and biotic influences, Robinia has a very special position amongst European woods.
  4. Robinia is the only resistance class 1 wood variety that is cultivated in Europe, making it a very safe material and ideal for children’s playground equipment.
  5. It will typically last in excess of 30 years in the ground without any form of preservative!
  6. Unstained wood will age to a silver grey over time and will never need to be painted or stained in order to improve longevity. 
  7. As a member of the pea family it has nitrogen fixing nodules on its root system and so it can be used to colonise areas of extremely poor or previously contaminated soil.

Swing installation Taunton

Below is a picture of the swing installed at a playground near Taunton

Our Timber Play equipment range is exciting and fun

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