Why you should choose a Rubber Playground Surface

Playground surfacing is one of the most important aspects of these areas. The right playground surface needs to be as safe as possible for your visitors, whilst also encouraging active and adventurous play. In this blog article, we will make the case for rubber playground surfaces as the absolute best choice you could make for your playground; discussing it’s limitless design potential, numerous safety attributes and why it stands as one of the most popular playground surfacing options around.

What is rubber playground surfacing?

Rubber playground surfacing is one of the most popular styles of playground surfacing around. It is generally made from a range of styles of a small, shredded or granulated rubber material, bound together using polyurethane. This leaves you with a style of playground surfacing that is very durable, resistant and shock absorbent, and can be used in nearly any area of a playground effectively.

The different rubber playground surface options

There are a few different styles of rubber playground surfacing that you can choose for your facilities. These options all retain the core benefits and features that a rubber playground surface brings, only with potentially different applications.

Rubber mulch surfacing: 

Rubber mulch is a style of rubber playground surfacing that is most commonly made from shredded rubber tyres bound in polyurethane. A highly durable playground surface, rubber mulch surfacing has a very low maintenance cost and has a look and feel that works in both urban and rural styled playgrounds. An advantage that rubber mulch has over other styles of rubber playground surfacing is that it can be laid directly on top of grassy terrains, which makes it one of the easiest rubber playground surfaces to install. With a variety of different colour options available in our own rubber mulch surfaces, they can even be adapted to fit into any playground’s unique design.

Wet-pour rubber:

Wet pour rubber is the other primary rubber surfacing that we at Morti Sport & Play offer for playgrounds. Unlike rubber mulch, the surface is made up of small rubber granules which are then bound in the same polyurethane. It also differs from rubber mulch as it needs to be laid on a pre-existing bed of tarmac, concrete or stone and cannot be laid on softer surfaces like grass. Wet-pour rubber is one of the most versatile playground surfaces around and can be used underneath all types of playground equipment, as well as being incredibly resistant to wear and highly shock-absorbent. Wet-pour rubber surfacing can also be fully customised in a variety of colours, allowing it to fit seamlessly into any playground design

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The main benefits of rubber playground surfacing

Rubber playground surfacing, whether we are talking about rubber mulch or wet-pour rubber, stands out as being arguably the most popular playground surfacing option in the world – and for good reason. Here are just some of the biggest reasons why rubber playground surfacing stands as the best choice for playgrounds:


When considering rubber mulch and wet-pour rubber playground surfacing together, there is no one situation that is unsuitable for these surfaces. Rubber mulch can be placed anywhere in your playground, whether it be directly on top of grassy terrain or harder concrete or stone services. And while wet-pour rubber playground surfaces can only be placed on pre-existing surfaces, they can also be laid under any playground equipment; from slides and swings, to larger play structures and climbing frames. Rubber playground surfacing is the ultimate surfacing solution when it comes to flexibility.

Maintenance & durability

Especially when compared to other playground surfacing options out there, rubber playground surfacing stands out as one of the most durable, with the lowest overall maintenance costs. This is because rubber playground surfacing is incredibly porous and shock-resistant, meaning that it is very resistant to weather conditions wet and dry, as well as being resistant to general wear and tear. Conversely, natural grass surfacing and loose fill surfacing can be prone to degradation, wear and displacement, making them the inferior choice in this category.


Rubber playground surfacing is by far the safest surface for playground visitors, for a variety of reasons. For one, as previously mentioned, rubber as a material is more durable over time than other surfaces on the market, which means it’s attributes of being shock-resistant, permeable and soft are safer for longer than other surfaces. Another reason is that rubber playground surfacing requires a more complex installation than others, and is generally installed by professionals. While more expensive, this in turn will bring you a playground surface that has been professionally installed with British standards for safety in mind, such as BS EN 1176 and BS EN 1177. 


Rubber playground surfacing is also by the far the best playground surfacing choice when it comes to the applicability of different designs and styles. As a synthetic playground surface, rubber surfaces can come in a wide variety of different colours and styles, which means you can choose how your playground surfacing fits into the wider style of your playground; something you can’t really do with other surfaces. 

How to clean rubber surfacing

In terms of keeping on top of this low-maintenance surface and keeping it clean, we would recommend a simple, regular sweeping to remove things like grime, debris and moss. Occasional warm water rinsing of the surface is also recommended; since rubber playground surfaces are porous, water from the surface will effectively drain away without you needing to worry.

How to install rubber playground surfacing

If we have made a strong enough case for why rubber playground surfaces are the best option for you, you might be wondering how to install rubber playground surfacing in your facilities. A rubber playground surface is unlike other types, in that it needs a professional installation; at Morti Sport & Play, one of our many services is doing just that. We supply, design, repair and install all of the previously mentioned rubber playground services quickly and reliably.  

If you would like to discuss a surface installation project for your playground, feel free to contact us, and if you want to learn more about our service, you can visit our surfacing page.

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