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Adapted spring kit

£ 52.00 GBP
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Make all springers more inclusive with this adapted spring kit backrest which offers better support and safety for children with disabilities. Ideal for the pig and cow Springers.

Bell swing

£ 1,800.00 GBP
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With the same structure design as our Clok and Tik swings, this basket swings offers maximum thrills!


£ 26,100.00 GBP
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Braz is one of the larger inclusive play structures in our range, super durable and accessible to children with disabilities.

Clok access

£ 2,580.00 GBP
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Two swings in one structure, the clok access offers a traditional swing seat with the addition of an inclusive SEN seat.

Clok access cuna swing

£ 2,715.00 GBP
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This double swing helps to make your play area inclusive with a SEN seat that is suitable for children with specific disabilities.


£ 575.00 GBP
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Springers are a great addition to play areas, they don't take up too much space and kids have so much fun bouncing on them.


£ 27,530.00 GBP
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A large multiplay structure that provides so many play opportunities; Climb, slide, swing, crawl as this colourful themed structure is explored.


£ 16,220.00 GBP
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There's so much playing to be done with this all-in-one structure. Rope stairs, slide, tunnel, climbing nets and interactive musical panels all included.


£ 17,100.00 GBP
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This fun play structure combines ramps with rope railings and interactive play elements.

Jogo 1

£ 772.00 GBP
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This laminated Scandinavian pine interactive play equipment is a great way to add an inclusive elements to your park or play area design.

Jogo 2

£ 586.00 GBP
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A bright interactive and inclusive play structure for children to learn through play experiences.

Jogo 3

£ 708.00 GBP
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This vibrant blue play structure offers interactivity and inclusive play for your outdoor space.

Jogo 4

£ 708.00 GBP
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Combining this interactive play element with others in our Jogo range can create a really engaging inclusive play element to your park or playground area.


£ 3,800.00 GBP
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A large piece of musical play equipment that lets multiple children interact at the same time.


£ 7,772.00 GBP
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This is a really interactive play structure. Install with sand or water and children can send the elements around the play structure in buckets, chutes and other vessels to get them from one side to the other.


£ 2,786.00 GBP
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A vibrant and durable playground musical instrument offering engaging interactivity.


£ 575.00 GBP
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A really durable park or playground springer, made from 19mm HDPE it's bacteria, fungi and weather resistant.

Piro Basket Swing

£ 1,700.00 GBP
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A basket swing is a really fun addition to your park or playground. Our Piro swing is highly durable and a good size for children to share playing experiences.


£ 22,200.00 GBP
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Adding an inclusive play element to your park or playground opens the space up to children of all abilities, this structure is a great addition.


£ 17,200.00 GBP
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An inclusive play structure that can accommodate wheelchairs, creating a fun and interactive experience for all children.


£ 22,800.00 GBP
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Colourful themed multiplay structure for parks and playgrounds. Kids will love playing whilst making friends and letting their imaginations run free.


£ 9,900.00 GBP
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A fun themed play structure with slide, tunnel, climbing net and interactive panels, plus some shade for sunny days.

Inclusive play explained

An inclusive play area is one that offers equipment for people of all abilities and backgrounds. By opting to include inclusive play within your site, you’re helping to create a space for a variety of people. This helps to create positive areas where users' actions complement each other's experiences, rather than leaving a feeling of separation. Learn more about our inclusive play area design and installation service.

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