Multiplay Climbing Structures

We design and install the best play frames for schools, parks and anywhere and everywhere in between!


£ 7,500.00 GBP
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Accommodating up to 7 users at any one time, this structure is suited to younger children over the age of 3.


£ 24,455.00 GBP
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Accommodating up to 18 users at any one time, this impressive structure adds presence and excitement to those larger schemes.


£ 1,950.00 GBP
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A really fun play house that offers shelter and interactive elements for younger children to learn and develop though play.


£ 27,530.00 GBP
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A large multiplay structure that provides so many play opportunities; Climb, slide, swing, crawl as this colourful themed structure is explored.


£ 16,220.00 GBP
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There's so much playing to be done with this all-in-one structure. Rope stairs, slide, tunnel, climbing nets and interactive musical panels all included.


£ 5,275.00 GBP
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This slide with climbing wall, cargo net and fireman's pole is from our popular Natura range.


£ 25,500.00 GBP
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This large climbing frame with enormous play value will be a superb addition to your attraction. Constructed from the most durable of materials, this play piece will enjoyed for many years to come.


£ 4,700.00 GBP
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A durable play structure that allows children to scale across it from the ramp to spider web netting and down a slide. The floor is lava!


£ 8,000.00 GBP
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Part of our Ekko range, complete with bridge, balance bar, slides, spider web net and interactive elements.


£ 9,200.00 GBP
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From our colourful Viking range, this boat themed play structure promotes imaginative play, with a slide, climbing net and platform.


£ 3,800.00 GBP
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7 children can play on this multiplay structure at any one time. It includes a slide, platform and climbing net.


£ 2,300.00 GBP
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Subtly themed Indian play slide that will stir up children's imagination as they climb and slide. Includes interactive elements.


£ 6,500.00 GBP
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Using laminated Scandinavian pine with a splash of colour this play structure will provide hours of fun to your park or playground.


£ 3,790.00 GBP
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Complete with fireman's pole, climbing net and a slide this play structure is great for parks.


£ 12,000.00 GBP
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One of our larger multi play structures, Nil will look great in modern and natural play areas due the selection of materials and subtle colours.


£ 7,300.00 GBP
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A large multiplay structure, predominantly made from wood, with 2 slides and bridges. With space for up to 13 children aged over 3 years.


£ 7,772.00 GBP
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This is a really interactive play structure. Install with sand or water and children can send the elements around the play structure in buckets, chutes and other vessels to get them from one side to the other.


£ 8,314.00 GBP
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A sturdy slide structure built to represent an aeroplane, with a fireman's pole and 2 slides. Bright and colourful play equipment.


£ 6,620.00 GBP
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A multiplay structure with interactive panels, firefighter bars, a slide, climbing and tunnel.


£ 7,300.00 GBP
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A durable play structure suitable for children over 4 years old. Complete with rope bridge, bars and a slide.


£ 4,500.00 GBP
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Complete with two bright HDPE slides, a platform, climbing pole and interactive elements this is a really fun structure for children over 3.


£ 4,900.00 GBP
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Looking for themed play area design? This multiplay structure from our Indi range is a great option. Includes fireman's pole, slide, a bridge and interactive elements.


£ 9,600.00 GBP
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Built in a square this is a really fun play structure that kids of all ages will enjoy playing on.

Treno 1

£ 2,595.00 GBP
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Perfect for younger children, from 1 years of age, this train play structure includes a tunnel and an interactive play experience.

Treno 2

£ 1,690.00 GBP
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This play structure encourages imaginative play; a simple yet fun design that suitable for younger children.

Treno 3

£ 2,010.00 GBP
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Kids can jump, interact, crawl and climb on this train themed play structure. Compliments others Treno products in this range.


£ 22,800.00 GBP
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Colourful themed multiplay structure for parks and playgrounds. Kids will love playing whilst making friends and letting their imaginations run free.


£ 3,160.00 GBP
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Compact, but full of fun. This multi play structure has a slide, climbing panel and interactive play.


£ 10,500.00 GBP
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Children will have so much fun playing on this vibrant structure, complete with 3 slides, super durable and great value.


£ 9,900.00 GBP
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A fun themed play structure with slide, tunnel, climbing net and interactive panels, plus some shade for sunny days.


£ 31,900.00 GBP
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Larger than Gisli, this fun themed boat play structure is great for parks and playgrounds. Multi level with slides, port holes and cargo nets.


£ 3,900.00 GBP
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Predominantly constructed from wood this play area complete with slide and spider web net will install nicely against a natural environment.

Play frames for playgrounds

Our multiplay structures offer a variety of play value within one unit. Climbing, spinning, sliding, imaginative and themed play can all be achieved. Our ranges also allow different age groups to use the same structure, encouraging children to become more adventurous, to interact and to make friends.

Choice of play structures

We have many structures that are available in wide colour pallets, sizes, themes and shapes offering varied play value at differing heights for all age groups. This variety allows us the freedom to help design schemes which fit our clients’ brief and helps where space constraints exist or user capacity is of importance.

Multiplay structures engineered to last

With warranties up to 30 years, great attention has been paid in selecting the most durable of materials. All screws and bolts are made of stainless or galvanised steel. All fittings have round edges, are hot dip galvanised and powder coated with an impact proof polyester lacquer. All pipes and posts are either hot dip galvanised, stainless steel or powder coated. All handles, bolt covers and caps are made from colourfast PA6 UV stable Nylon.

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