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£ 600.00 GBP
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Strengthen the shoulder muscles and improve flexibility of joints with this metal outdoor gym equipment.


£ 1,090.00 GBP
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This is a popular piece of outdoor fitness equipment that exercises muscles and aids the flexibility of abdominal muscles.


£ 610.00 GBP
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A great addition to any outdoor gym area, this exercise bike has been manufactured for outdoor use and longevity.


£ 650.00 GBP
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Strengthen the abdominal and lumbar muscles on this turning piece of outdoor gym equipment.


£ 570.00 GBP
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Not all our outdoor fitness equipment is just for fitness and joint mobility, this wheel turning apparatus also helps with coordination. These Tai Chi Wheels are a low impact exercise developing flexibility and coordination in the arms, wrists and shoulders.


£ 1,300.00 GBP
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A traditional piece of gym equipment that's been designed to withstand the elements outdoors. Expand the enjoyment of your park or public space with our fitness range.


£ 810.00 GBP
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This piece of outdoor gym equipment is operated by the user sitting and pushing with their legs to strengthen quads.


£ 740.00 GBP
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An outdoor rowing action piece of fitness equipment, that's super durable and has some great health benefits.


£ 630.00 GBP
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Enhance your outdoor space with durable fitness equipment. This Air Walker provides a cardiovascular lower body workout whilst improving flexibility and strength in the legs.


£ 670.00 GBP
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Give the lower limb muscles, spine and hips a good workout with this sideways moving outdoor gym equipment.


£ 270.00 GBP
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Spinning is a popular way to exercise, make your outdoor sports area more appealing to locals who visit with this piece of outdoor gym equipment.


£ 660.00 GBP
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A great piece of outdoor fitness equipment to improve the flexibility of spine and hip. Suitable for all ages over 12 years old. This Cross Trainer provides for a full body workout.


£ 1,180.00 GBP
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Exercise the side and middle regions of the pectoral muscles, the biceps, trapezius and deltoids with this durable piece of park gym equipment.


£ 420.00 GBP
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Looking to add outdoor fitness equipment to your public or private space? This piece of gym apparatus exercises the upper limb muscles, chest, abdomen and back. These Parallel exercise bars are sure to make an impact.

Outdoor Gyms

Our outdoor gyms can be installed in a variety of outdoor spaces. For example, in parks and open spaces, offices, coastal promenades, new developments, schools, college and university campuses.

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Benefits of outdoor exercise

Exercising outdoors has long been recognised as beneficial to the community's health. Outdoor exercise improves mood and lightens our spirits guarding against depression and weight gain. Physically exerting ourselves outdoors every day has proven to enhance self esteem, boost our immune system, gives us a burst of vitamin D and burns more calories. The effects are far reaching and allow for better concentration during the day too.

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