Robinia Parkour

View our selection of durable natural parkour elements for your play or sport space.

Climbing Forest

£ 2,782.00 GBP
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These timber robinia posts are durable and can be arranged as a group or on their own to create an interesting climbing structure.

Parkour 3656

£ 5,199.00 GBP
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This parkour unit and associated elements aim to get the practitioner from one point to another in a complex environment, without assistive equipment and in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Parkour 3658

£ 7,447.00 GBP
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This parkour units focus is on low, medium and high bar heights for users to perfect their free movement, strengthening the core and enhancing flexibility.

Parkour 3660

£ 12,366.00 GBP
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Parkour 3660 is a large system catering for higher user numbers. larch sleepers to launch from and many bar heights to swing and perfect your moves this unit covers it.

Parkour 3668

£ 5,593.00 GBP
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The elongated shape of this unit's design demands attention. with half balls for balancing and oblique bars for launching from and the central bars to swing from and climbing forest to stalk through this unit has it all.

Parkour 3680

£ 246.00 GBP
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This parkour element is sturdy and tough made from EPDM rubber and Stainlees steel. Available in lime green, orange, blue and black as standard.

Parkour 3682

£ 417.00 GBP
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Add this parkour full ball to your park allowing for large jumps between forms. Made from durable EPDM rubber and available in a variety of colours this element is sure to fit into your schemes design.

Parkour 3683

£ 250.00 GBP
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Available in a single configuration or in sets use these well engineered larch sleepers throughout your training course. Available in stained or natural finishes.

Parkour 3685

£ 223.00 GBP
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This sturdy stainess steel oblique bar is great to aid flips and tricks aiding movement across the space.

Parkour 3686

£ 22,708.00 GBP
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The Parkour 3686 is a hugely appealing play piece. It is exactly what large installations need; a trail that's fun exciting and challenging. The variation in climbing, jumping and balancing activities will make users come back again and again.

Robinia Parkour for your park, play area, sport complex or commercial outdoor space

When designing an outdoor public space it's important to consider many forms of sport and play for all ages and abilities. Our timber robinia parkour elements can be used to create natural outdoor facilities to encourage us all to keep fit outdoors and develop body and mind. Parkour is an urban form of free movement and play. Morti approaches ribs, posts and low elements such as fiber concrete, hemispheres and sleepers where the experience of unrestrained movement may occur.

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