Street Workout

Our Street Workout units provide a variety of body weight workouts through outdoor equipment.

AST90 Sport Area

£ 10,420.00 GBP
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A great package of combined street workout equipment to offer an all-in-one exercise solution for your outdoor area. 90m2 in total for users aged 12 and over.

Abdominal I

£ 1,550.00 GBP
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This inclined board is a great piece of outdoor street workout equipment for abdominal strength.

Abdominal P

£ 1,330.00 GBP
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A low level wooden board for abdominal exercises.


£ 810.00 GBP
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A workout bar for developing biceps, triceps, chest and shoulders.

Dominadas X2

£ 1,170.00 GBP
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A double workout bar of varying heights for building biceps, triceps, chest and shoulders.

Double Nivel

£ 1,850.00 GBP
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A versatile piece of street workout equipment for your park or public area that supports upper body strength conditioning.


£ 1,500.00 GBP
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A piece of outdoor street workout equipment for stretching exercises.

Flexiones X3

£ 1,200.00 GBP
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A set of 3 bars in varying heights for outdoor street workout exercises.


£ 2,400.00 GBP
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This combination of street workout bars help to develop biceps, triceps, back, neck, abdominal, chest and shoulder muscles.

Mixto 1

£ 2,700.00 GBP
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A diverse piece of outdoor fitness equipment for developing the upper body and abdominal region.

Mixto 2

£ 5,600.00 GBP
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This combination of outdoor fitness equipment develops upper body strength.

Mixto 3

£ 6,450.00 GBP
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A durable and versatile piece of outdoor street workout equipment that offers a wide selection of exercises for users of all ages.


£ 3,700.00 GBP
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This two level monkey bar is perfect for your street workout sports area.

Paralel X2

£ 1,120.00 GBP
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Two parallel bars for triceps dips and various push up exercises.


£ 1,450.00 GBP
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Snake bar for different types of flexing and swinging.

Equipment for street fitness

From the traditional outdoor gym pieces such as rowers, cycles and chest presses to more muscle toning callisthenics street workout units designed to strengthen your core, we have the range you require for your facility.

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We will help you consider your options when deciding which units to choose. Our units are tested and certified to the most current safety standard of  EN16630.

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