Play Area Swings

Browse our range of swings selected for use in public and commercial play areas.

Bell swing

£ 1,800.00 GBP
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With the same structure design as our Clok and Tik swings, this basket swings offers maximum thrills!


£ 1,050.00 GBP
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A traditional double swing for your park or playground area, seamlessly fitting with a range of designs.

Clok access

£ 2,580.00 GBP
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Two swings in one structure, the clok access offers a traditional swing seat with the addition of an inclusive SEN seat.

Clok access cuna swing

£ 2,715.00 GBP
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This double swing helps to make your play area inclusive with a SEN seat that is suitable for children with specific disabilities.

Clok cuna

£ 1,300.00 GBP
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Perfect in combination with the traditional Clok swing in our range, this double cradle swing comes with seats suitable for younger children.

Clok mixto swing

£ 1,300.00 GBP
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A double swing that combines seats for all ages, younger children will benefit from the support of the cradle swing.


£ 4,231.00 GBP
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A timber robinia birds nest swing with two junior flat seats. This swing will look great in any play area space, for the best end result partner it with other products from our Natura line.


£ 920.00 GBP
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A double swing for 3-14 year olds. Flip is made from metal, making it durable and harder for vandals to damage.

Flip cuna

£ 1,100.00 GBP
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Double infant cradle swing made from metal, great for public parks and play areas.

Flip mixto

£ 1,000.00 GBP
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With a swing for infants and another for older children, this metal swing structure is durable and inclusive for all ages.


£ 1,650.00 GBP
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This swing will look great in any play area space, for the best end result partner it with other products from our Natura line.

Piro Basket Swing

£ 1,700.00 GBP
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A basket swing is a really fun addition to your park or playground. Our Piro swing is highly durable and a good size for children to share playing experiences.

Robinia Aerial Runways

£ 5,012.00 GBP
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Our aerial runways can be delivered in lengths from 20 to 40 m. All runways are made from robinia with steel beams and safety approved wire system and running cat. The height and extent of the hill can be problematic, so we have a "loose" platform ramp that easily optimizes the use. We are also able to build land specific mounds along with surfacing options to suit. Model shown is 30m in length code GUL200226

Tik cuna

£ 1,100.00 GBP
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For infants from 0-3 years of age, this traditional single cradle swing is a must for any play area.

Tik swing

£ 1,000.00 GBP
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A single swing suitable for children from 3-14 years of age. Predominantly made from wood with metal fasteners.

Outdoor Swings

Swing to your heart's content on our inclusive range of outdoor swings!

We have many different configurations available from birds’ nest swings, tyre seat swings to flat and cradle swing styles made from the most durable of materials.

Swinging is fun but also crucial to child development as this kind of motor play aids a child’s spatial and social competence.  Good motor activity stimulates a small sensory apparatus in the inner ear which sends signals to the brain regarding the head’s position in space.   This activity develops the child's agility and balance.

We’re sure to have the right option for you, feel free to get in touch!

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