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The Handpipes are a plosive aerophone designed to be played with just your hands (hence the name) to deliver a wonderfully funky sound with a lot of soul. Easy to play, you'll master them in no time at all with just a little practice. The diatonic tuning allows the musically motivated to play hundreds of tunes, be creative and improvise to their heart’s content. The pipes are arranged diatonically and set in a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) mounting. There are no beaters or mallets, as you need nothing but your own hands to play. However, you may purchase a pair of our dense PE (Polyethylene) foam paddles if you would prefer. Play that funky music - a very entertaining and rewarding musical adventure awaits! Product Highlights Diatonic - fun for beginners and experienced musicians Produces Funky Sounds Played With the Hands - No Mallets Required Accessible From Both Sides (Disabled Access / ADA) Promotes Inclusive Play

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