Medium-Sized, Colourful Wooden Pirate Ship Play Structure 2

Medium-Sized, Colourful Wooden Pirate Ship Play Structure 2
Play Structures

With this pirate ship themed play striucture, you can bring the spirit of the high seas to your playground or park.

Material specification;

Construction made of the highest quality laminated, impregnated and double coated pine wood 90 x 90 mm without knots, secured from the top with polypropylene plugs.

Metal anchors made of hot dip galvanized steel, protecting the wood from direct contact with the ground to prevent rot and to extend the product's life.

Platforms and climbing walls made of durable anti-slip and waterproof plywood or HPL plate.

Side panels made of durable HDPE or HPL plate, resistant to weather conditions.

Slides made of stainless steel with durable HDPE or HPL side panels.

Educational panels and moving elements made of HDPE or HPL plate.

Maze windows made of polycarbonate, balls made of synthetic material.

Spherical windows made of polycarbonate.

Telescope made of stainless steel and durable HDPE plate.

Flags and rudders made of durable HDPE plate.

Flowers made of durable HDPE or HPL plate.

Underground installation made of synthetic material connects 2 stainless steel profiles.

Double wall tube passage made of polypropylene.

Steel ropes in polypropylene braid, connected with durable plastic elements, stainless steel or aluminium.

Ladders made of steel ropes in polypropylene braid and rungs made of synthetic material.

Calibrated stainless steel chains, preventing fingers entrapment.

Stainless steel bars, ladders and handrails.

Screws covered with plastic caps and/or stainless steel screws.

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