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Partnered with Novatilu

Here at Morti Sport & Play, we are proud to be partnered with Novatilu- the designer and manufacturer behind many of the products we sell in our range, from Play Equipment and Sport Equipment, to various site furnishings. We partnered with Novatilu because we know that the products they provide are of a consistently high quality, and fit for installation in a wide variety of different environments.

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The Benefits of Novatilu Products

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Industry Leaders

Over 20 years of experience manufacturing and designing their products.


Range of Designs

Novatilu offer a wide variety of different design options in their products to fit into any environment.


Good Stock Management

Novatilu maintains a good stock of all their products to ensure optimal availability, now and in the future.



Novatilu make steps to ensure that their products are environmentally friendly- made from sustainable materials.



All Novatilu products are made from the highest quality, most durable materials for longevity.



Access Novatilu products quickly and easily, meaning there’s no slowing down in your installation process.

Novatilu Play Equipment

Novatilu manufacture and design many of the play products and equipment we have in our range, including popular items like our swings and slides, as well as the products in our wider play packages. We partner with Novatilu to bring you high-quality play equipment and structures that’ll bring your playground to life.

Novatilu Sport Equipment

Below you can find a selection of our Sport Equipment range, supplied and manufactured by Novatilu. With this selection, including products like our sport packages and outdoor gym equipment, we can help to advise you on the ideal solutions for your fitness space, from an industry-leading manufacturer.

Novatilu Site Furnishings

Novatilu are the designers and manufacturers behind a variety of some of our must-have site furnishing products. Integral products such as bins, bollards and benches are made from the highest-quality, most durable materials, and are designed to fit seamlessly into any outdoor spaces design.

Interested in these products for your Installation?

For any school or organisation needing new playground equipment, or any outdoor spaces needing sport, workout equipment and other site furnishings, we can advise you under no obligation as to what your options are, and what the project could look like utilising Novatilu’s products. We can help you understand what’s in store before any formal arrangement is made by getting in contact with us through the below link.

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