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Outdoor play

The benefits of play are wide and far-reaching. Social interaction, independence and bonding are all developed through it, promoting a positive ‘can do’ attitude.

Outdoor play encourages children to explore the world around them and in so doing helps them develop muscle strength, improve coordination and establish self-confidence.

Play extends its’ reach into society at large where outdoor spaces become an extension of a community, permitting new friendships to be made amongst children, parents, carers and grandparents alike.

Playground design, equipment supply and installation

We specialise in the supply and installation of play equipment and offer our clients a design service post survey to ensure that all our products are ergonomic and compliant with all the relevant standards. Great emphasis is placed on play value, offering schemes that benefit a wide demographic.

Morti Play

We are creators of imaginative spaces that allow children to lose themselves and express themselves through play. A lot of thought and attention to detail is given by our designers to maximise play value in every scheme we create.

Ultimately we design our play areas to work with both our client's aspirations and the geography of the site whilst paying close attention to how the users of the space will interact with the structures we install.

Space requires flow where children can mix and interact not only with the structures and equipment but also with each other. The spaces we create positively benefit the local community and enhance areas for the greater good.

Playground Equipment

CAD Drawing of playspace for kids with colourful tube slides and climbing structures

More about our playground installation service

Morti Play offers its clients a turnkey solution. We specialise in the provision of play areas of the highest standard where our approachable manner aims to really understand your spaces’ requirements.

Our site surveys are consultative offering our clients a wealth of advice and guidance over the vast array of available options.

For example we supply over 30 types of swings, 50 tube slides, and 130 multiplay frames all offering different benefits.  Our expertise lies in making the process satisfyingly simple with a result that stands out from the crowd.

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