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Working with councils and communities to create outdoor spaces

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Council funded parks, playgrounds and outdoor sports areas

Working with community members, local and county councils, we provide the solution for commercial outdoor spaces such as parks, playgrounds and sports areas. Our extensive experience in design and project managing such projects allows us to consider multiple approaches, designs and equipment choices depending on your needs.

Outdoor spaces provided by the council are public spaces that should accommodate for all members of a community, and we can advise and provide the equipment for spaces such as inclusive play areas, adult equipment and children’s play structures. We opt for high grade equipment that is built to withstand seasonal weather and long term use, and we can offer groundworks services if your site requires refurbishment to accommodate the build.

Council outdoor play and sports equipment

Explore the equipment ranges that you’ll need for your space, or contact us if you’d like a hand understanding what you may need:

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Types of equipment for Councils

Outdoor Spaces for Councils

Steel Fencing for Parks. Play Areas and Playgrounds

Inclusive Parks & Play Areas

Advantages and what to consider for inclusive play.

  • Inclusive equipment for all abilities.
  • Encourages children to play together.
  • Helps to develop social and cognitive skills.
  • Must be easily-accessible.
  • Through design, exploration and creativity is encouraged.
  • Location must be secure and suitable for all-year use.
  • Supports parents and carers by offering them an inclusive environment.
Timber Fencing for Parks. Play Areas and Playgrounds

Sports pitches and fitness areas

Outdoor sports areas considerations.

  • Offering a variety will attract more users.
  • Encourages healthy activity amongst the community.
  • Safe areas for families to socialise.
  • Groundworks and site furnishings may be needed.
  • Spaces can be adapted to accommodate multiple sports, such as:
  • BMX or cycling tracks .
  • Skate parks
  • Parkour areas
  • Street workout spaces
  • MUGA pitches
Gates Fencing for Parks. Play Areas and Playgrounds

Natural walks and adventure trails

Outdoor park and wildlife area considerations.

  • A design to complement and take advantage of the natural surroundings.
  • Site furnishings available to make space more inviting and user-friendly.
  • Attracts families, large groups and introduces people to local wildlife.
  • Create outdoor spaces that may attract local businesses.
  • Equipment such as adventure trails are friendly and fun for all ages.
  • Drainage, accessibility and equipment choices must suit the location.

Outdoor Play and Sport spaces for Councils

Learn more about the services relating to outdoor spaces and groundworks for councils.

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