Playground Springers

Look at our large variety of Playground springers available for all to enjoy, and read about the motoric benefits springers bring to child development.

Developmental benefits of Springers

Rocking is fun, but it’s also important. Children use their whole body to keep the springer springing which is healthy and beneficial for their body perception. The forward and backward movements teach the children about cause and effect and by stimulating the bony labyrinth of the ear, strengthen balance and learning skills.

Morti springers

Our range of springers are strong and tough designed for both small and tall riders. Great attention to detail has gone into the engineering of each and every design to ensure lifelong enjoyment.

Our springers come with skid proof seats and are made from UV stabilised materials ensuring colour and shape retention. Several models are available with back rests enabling the youngest to get riding. Patented and highly durable springs with stalwart ground anchors provide years of hassle free use.

Our springer range comes in various shapes and sizes for single use or for as many as 10, prompting social interaction, teamwork and imaginative play. Below we look at the various springers available and detail their differences pointing out what to discuss when purchasing a springer for your park and playground.

Open back springers. These encourage full body movement and aid the child to control the gross motor skills, by maintaining an adequate posture, holding up the back and neck and gripping the handlebars whilst rocking.

Springers with backrest. Great for the youngest of rockers with both rear and side panels, these springers offer a safer and more supportive experience making it especially suitable for the less able.

Wide seated springers. Promoting role play and encouraging interaction and teamwork these springers aid developingchildren’s social, co-operative and emotional skills.

We can supply and deliver springers direct, with design services available.

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Springer seesaws

It is a wonderful thing to play with weight and equilibrium and to enjoy soothing repetition. Physical activity strengthens children’s self-confidence, their belief in their own skills, enhancing their willingness to play with others. Whilst seesawing, most large muscle groups get used. Body awareness, social and connectivity skills are all increased because you can’t seesaw alone! Balancing and coordinating in cooperation with others allows children to bond!

Our seesaws are made of maintenance-free, top quality material. They are equipped with skid-proof seats and ergonomic nylon handles that are easy to hold onto.

The seesaw’s springs can bend in all directions, and the coils are designed for maximum safety.

Great at developing coordination, springer seesaws encourage teamwork amongst youngsters.  Just as in dancing or ball games, children learn to observe and anticipate others’ movements, learning to rock, swing and balance together.

Available in two three four and eight user configurations.

Encourage interaction and teamwork with these springers.

Explore our Springer options.

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