Babel Drums Large

Babel Drums Large
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Playing the Babel Drum is a beautiful, unique hand drumming experience. Manufactured from stainless steel, Babel Drums are a part of the percussion instruments comprising Hand pans, Hank, Tank, and Tongue Drums. This large stainless steel tongue drum can create beautiful melodies with remarkably long sustain. This is our larger and more popular version and has an eight-note layout in G-Major - the sound is amazing. Securely mounted onto a frame, these beautiful drums are designed for permanent outdoor installation. Babel drums should be played with the hands, preferably by striking with the fingers. However, in some locations, such as elderly care homes or where players may suffer from a weak or painful grip / or have limited dexterity, they may find it more challenging to produce a clear sound with just their fingers. In these cases, Babel/Petal Drum Mallets can be purchased separately. No previous drumming experience is required to play a Babel Drum, and both children and adults will enjoy improvising with the mesmerizing sounds they produce. The mellow tones are never brassy or too loud - perfect for musical exploration in the fresh air. Babel Drums make wonderful alternative memorials or remembrance gifts to remember someone cherished in the community. Installed in a special place they loved or donated to a local school, church, woodland, or park, Percussion Play offers to custom engrave an instrument (where possible) to personalize it at no extra charge. Further Reading: The Healing Power of Music: Musical Memorial Gardens and Tributes for Loved Ones Product Highlights Suitable for heavy-use environments Sensory Rich - perfect for inclusive playgrounds and sensory gardens Pentatonic Tuning - No Wrong Notes! Disabled Access / ADA Accessible Suitable for Inclusive Playgrounds

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